Protect the Environment with Polygon’s Trash NFTs: Remove Real Waste!

• Polygon and WWF have entered into a partnership to use ‘trash NFTs’ to help remove real waste from the ocean.
• A hybrid metaverse has been created where players can purchase trash NFTs to help contribute to this cause.
• Polygon Labs has also conducted research into emissions and is working towards improving sustainability on the network.

Polygon Partners with WWF

Polygon has announced a partnership with WWF Deutschland to use ‘trash NFTs’ for removing real waste from the ocean as part of their #OceanDetox project. The collaboration will involve creating a hybrid metaverse, powered by the Polygon network, in which players can purchase trash NFTs in order to contribute towards cleaning up the ocean.

The SaveYour.World Project

The SaveYour.World project is an initiative that seeks to educate people about the crisis of plastic and other trash polluting our oceans. In addition, it aims to motivate people to take action against this problem through its “play to donate” approach. This project is just one example of how blockchain technology can be used for environmental solutions and will serve as an encouragement for traditional climate solutions, as well as new dApps, that explore how blockchain can help tackle our most pressing environmental challenges at this critical juncture.

Emissions Research

Polygon Labs has conducted research into emissions on Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains and had found success in reducing emissions by 99.9%. This groundbreaking discovery was noticed by WWF who saw potential in partnering with Polygon due to its focus on sustainability initiatives on its network.

Trash NFTs

The introduction of Trash NFTs allows players in the SaveYourWorld metaverse to have a direct impact on real-world change by purchasing these tokens and contributing towards removing real trash from oceans around the world. It is hoped that this will be just the beginning of further expansion into other environments such as forests in future collaborations between Polygon and WWF Deutschland .


Through this creative collaboration between Polygon and WWF Deutschland, we are now able to use blockchain technology for environmental purposes in innovative ways that directly benefit our planet while also promoting education among gamers who join this virtual world dedicated towards saving our oceans from pollution caused by plastics and other hazardous materials

Protect the Environment with Polygon’s Trash NFTs: Remove Real Waste!
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