Month: Februar 2021

Altcoins: the best winners from February 8 to 15

RVN, GRT and LSK prices recently reached new historic highs. DASH broke through a zone of long-term resistance. The BTG is breaking through a zone of long term resistance BeInCrypto takes a look at the five best-earning altcoins from the past week. Will their momentum be sustained? Ravencoin hit an all-time high of $ 0.09 […]

Semaine haussière : La capitalisation boursière de Crypto atteint le niveau record de 1,17 trillion de dollars

La capitalisation boursière totale pour l’ensemble des actifs numériques a atteint un niveau record le jeudi 4 février, Ethereum étant en tête des gains sur les marchés. La semaine a été haussière dans le monde des cryptocurrences, avec le rebond de Bitcoin après les récentes baisses et Ethereum qui a atteint un sommet historique de […]

Banks and blockchain: opportunity or death blow?

Banks and blockchain: opportunity or death blow? For the vast majority of banks, it is 5 to 12. This is more true for European financial institutions than for any others. Besides dwindling interest margins, low equity ratios and high macroeconomic risks, it is the outdated IT infrastructures and lack of innovation that are causing concern […]

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