27 October 2016
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 TitleDescription Modified Date
Paradoxes & Perceptions - Four essays on disasterUCL Institute for Risk & Disaster Reductions - Professor David AlexanderDownload05/11/2013
NG112LTD standard for emergency call handlingNext Generation 112 Long Term Definition standard ("NG112 LTD"). The updates mark further moves towards facilitating interventions through data sharing and reaching 112 with voice, text, videos and pictures. The NG112 LTD document promotes a modern aDownload17/03/2013
Final report of the 22nd July Commission, Norway, into the attacks on the Government Complex and on the Labour Party Youth camp on Utøya Island.With this report, the 22 July Commission's concludes its review of the terrorist attacks on the Government Complex and on the Labour Party Youth camp on Utøya Island. Every day for a whole year, we have worked together to find the answers to three key queDownload17/01/2013
Government Response to the Intelligence and Security Committee’s Annual Report 2010–2011Government Response to the Intelligence and Security Committee’s Annual Report 2010–2011Download17/10/2011
Great Eastern Japan Earthquake, March 11th 2011A Preliminary Briefing on the Japanese Government’s Disaster Response ManagementDownload15/08/2011
A City Prepared: An Overview of London’s Biological / Radiological Counter-Terrorism PreparednessThis report gives an overview of the measures that have been developed, gathering information from sources at the heart of the counter- terrorism battle in the UK, on both a strategic and a daily basis.Download15/08/2011
IAEA preliminary summary on nuclear accident following the great earthquake and tsunami affecting Japan, March 2011 Download03/08/2011
Disaster Research (Bi-weekly) - University of ColoradoAccess to the DR edition - Published by the Natural Hazards Center, Disaster Research (DR) is a moderated e-mail newsletter for creators and users of information regarding hazards and disasters. Subscriptions are free, and there are over 3,500 subscribersDownload19/05/2011
Natural Hazards Observer (Bi-monthly) - University of ColoradoAccess to the current bimonthly periodical of the Natural Hazards Center, it covers current disaster issues; new international, national, & local disaster management, mitigation, & education programs; hazards research; political & policy development.Download19/05/2011
Humanitarian Emergency Response Review.Humanitarian Emergency Response Review (HERR) presented to the International Development Secretary, Andrew Mitchell.Download19/05/2011
Military intervention in Libya – a Briefing NoteBriefing Note by the Humanitarian Policy Group of the Overseas Development Institute. Download19/05/2011
2009 ICPEM Annual Conference - ProceedingsReport of the proceedings of the 2009 ICPEM Annual ConferenceDownload25/11/2010
UK Civil Protection LexiconA developing single point of reference for UK Civil Protection terminologyDownload19/06/2010
Italy - Building Civil Protection 2Discussion civil protection as a complex system of governance for the safeguarding of human lives, health, economic assets, cultural and architectural heritage, human settlements and environment from any kind of disaster either natural or man madeDownload14/06/2010
Towards a harmonised EU civil protection (white paper)European Organisation for Security - The responsibility of meeting this challenges relies on every Member State , whereas the European Commission has been asked to develop an integrated strategy to reduce the disparities within the Community.Download14/06/2010
Update of Emergency Response and Recovery (draft for consultation)The Cabinet Office is reviewing the Civil Contingencies Act (2004) (CCA) and the associated regulations and guidance.Download14/06/2010
London, UK pandemic plan Download14/06/2010
Sector Resilience Plan for UK Critical Infrastructure 2010The UK Government has established a Critical Infrastructure Resilience Programme: a collaboration between owners/operators of critical infrastructure in the nine recognised infrastructure sectorsDownload14/06/2010
World Health Organisation strategic pandemic plan Download14/06/2010
Buncefield, UK explosion and fire - recommendationsThis report sets out recommendations to improve both planning for emergencies and the effectiveness of the response to emergencies at Buncefield-like sites and other high-hazard industrial facilities regulated under the COMAH1 regime.Download14/06/2010
UK Dept. of Health pandemic influenza plan (key facts) Download14/06/2010
Economic Impacts of the US August 2003 BlackoutThis paper summarizes recent efforts to quantify the total economic costs of the August 2003 Blackout which affected USA and Canada.Download14/06/2010
Eurostar Independent ReviewA review of the events of 18th to 19th December 2009, when five Eurostar trains failed in the Channel Tunnel and passengers encountered serious problems in completing their journey to London.Download14/06/2010
UK Cabinet Office - National Risk Register 2010 Download14/06/2010
BCI Good Practice Guidelines 2008 pocket editionA quick overview of Business Continuity Management and why it is essential for your company.Download14/06/2010
CMI UK Business resilience survey 2010A survey of the UK's business resilience conducted by the Chartered Management Institute in association with Cabinet OfficeDownload14/06/2010
Report on 07072005 London, UK terrorismGovernment Response to the Intelligence and Security Committee’s Report into the London Terrorist Attacks on 7 July 2005Download14/06/2010
Pitt review - 2008Sir Michael Pitt was asked by Ministers to conduct an independent review of the flooding emergency that took place in June and July 2007. The Government asked that the process should be both thorough and independent; a fair assessment of what happened andDownload14/06/2010
ICPEM Annual Award of ExcellenceThe ICPEM Annual Award of Excellence recognises significant contributions in the field of emergency management. The intention is to formally acknowledge activities undertaken which are in keeping with the aims and objectives of the ICPEM and also to encouDownload22/02/2010
2nd Annual ICPEM Conference - 2010 - Flyer + IntroductionLeadership in Crisis and Emergency Situations - This document outlines the subjects and provides information about the venue. booking, CPD and the Annual General MeetingDownload18/11/2009
Keynote speech - European Commission's 4th Annual Security SymposiumInstitute Co-Chair, Tony Moore, was the opening speaker at the European Commission's 4th Annual Security Symposium in Brussels on 24 September 2009. Download08/10/2009
ALERT - Call for papersRequesting the submission of papers and articles for AlertDownload30/09/2009
Research digest (Quarterly) - University of ColoradoResearch Digest is a quarterly online publication that compiles recent research into an easily accessible format for the hazards and disasters community. It provides complete references and abstracts (when available) for current research in the field. Download25/09/2009
Australian Journal of Emergency ManagementThe Australian Journal of Emergency Management (AJEM) has been produced by Emergency Management Australia (EMA), in various forms, since 1986. It is a leading journal in its field.Download20/09/2009
IDER 2009 leafletIDER 2009 leafletDownload01/09/2009
Removing Hidden Barriers: Bringing together Practitioners and Academics in the field of Civil Protection and Emergency ManagementReport of the Proceedings of the Inaugural Conference of The Institute of Civil Protection and Emergency Management Kettering Conference Centre on 4 April 2009 Download07/07/2009

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