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02 September 2015



On March 18th, due to circumstances outside the control of the ICPEM, this website was taken offline, and the www.icpem.net address became unavailable.

We created a new set of web pages at
www.theicpem.net as an interim measure to ensure that we could maintain our public presence and contact with our members.

08/08/15 - UPDATE - The institute is still working on the development of an entirely new website, bringing the very best capabilities to our members and visitors.
While we have no information on a release date, we will keep this site up to date with information until the launch of a new site. We are grateful for the continued patience of members and visitors.

04/04/15 UPDATE - @icpem.net email addresses are no longer active due to the ongoing issues which we are still working hard to resolve. Please use the links shown under the 'Contacts' tab, which use an alternative system


27/3/15 UPDATE - www.icpem.net was reinstated, however, we will maintain the interim site at wwwtheicpem.net until this original site's availability is certain.

We apologise for any inconvenience that these issues may have caused, but they were entirely beyond the control of the institute.

AJEM - Australian Journal of Emergency Management

(Click on the image to download the lastest version)

Australian Journal of Emergency Management - Volume 30, No.1

This issue includes a foreword by Chris Moraitis PSM, the recently appointed Secretary of the Attorney-General's Department and Chair of the Australia-New Zealand Emergency Management Committee. He discusses the department's upcoming review of the National Strategy for Disaster Resilience.

There are articles on social media and the role it plays in emergency management, an assessment of community disaster resilience for small, high-risk communities on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, and how aged people can be better informed and prepared for disasters.

The issue also includes a mix of academic research and practitioner papers covering:


  • Australia's contributions to the next cycle of Hyogo Framework for Action
  • social architecture considerations in assessing social media for emergency information applications
  • what older people's life experiences tell us about emergency preparedness
  • the future of social media use during emergencies in Australia
  • a reflection on the use of archaeologists at disaster scenes
  • search and rescue in Australia
  • 2014 Resilient Australia Awards
ICDO affiliation

The ICPEM is an Affiliate of the International Civil Defence Organisation


Institute journal and newsletter

DOWNLOAD OPTION - The lastest edition of Communiqué, the institute's bi-annual newsletter
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The lastest edition of Alert, the institute's bi-annual journal can be
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Article - Cognitive Warfare

The Islamic State (IS) group is making huge gains in the battle for hearts and minds.


Lina Kolesnikova, ICPEM Fellow and International Representative, analyses their methods and calls for renewed efforts to counter their message


Her article, 'This is cognitive warfare', is availablefor download here


ICPEM Member publications (authoring or editing)
ICPEM Annual Award of Excellence

The ICPEM annual Award of Excellence was established in order to recognise significant contributions in the field of emergency management.

At the Institute's Conference on 3rd April 2014 the Annual Award of Excellence was awarded to Sarah Alcock.

Sarah Alcock was nominated for the ICPEM Award of Excellence in recognition of her long-term commitment and contribution to resilience, her breadth of activity in the field and, in particular, her management and development of NORMIT, a unique and respected partnership of Business and Public Sector organisations developing Emergency Management and Business Continuity in Norfolk.

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ICPEM 2012-2016 Strategic Plan

All members are encouraged to read the Institute's Strategic Plan 2012-2016.

Strategic planning is the institute's process of defining its strategy, or direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy. 

In order to determine where we are going, the institute needs to know exactly where it stands, then determine where it wants to go and how it will get there. The resulting document is The Strategic Plan.

If you would like to contribute towards the achievement of any of the Strategic Objectives identified in Annex A and become part of the team appointed to achieve a particular objective, please either contact the Team Leader directly, or Tony Moore at tony.moore@icpem.net who will put you in touch with the Team Leader.

Members can download the Strategic Plan by logging in.

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